South Korea to sell K2 Black Panther tanks to Oman

South Korea to sell K2 Black Panther tanks to Oman

Hyundai Rotem Co., South Korean Defense Company, could sell 76 K2 Black Panther Main Battle Tanks to Oman.

According to industry sources on Sunday, Hyundai Rotem conducted a performance test of its K2 battle tank upgraded for desert run in Oman in July. It has changed the tank’s exterior color from black to sandy color and equipped a shade on top of a turret. The tank has a high-performing air conditioning system with a fan installed at turret. The company said it spent several months to modify the tank to fit for hot and dusty desert conditions, and especially focused on developing an exhaust system to cool the engine.

Hyundai Rotem has unveiled the K2 for the first time to the public during the Defense Exhibition ADEX at the Seoul Airport in October 2009.

The K2 Black Panther, developed by Hyundai Rotem, is a new type of high tech battle tank and will replace K1 series of vehicles and M48 tanks. The new MBT features enhanced mobility and fire power compared to the K1 vehicles, and is regarded as one of the best main battle tanks in the world.

The K2 can run at a maximum speed 70 km/h on surface roads, while being able to maintain speeds up to 48 km/h on off-road conditions. It can accelerate from 0 to 32 km/h within 7 seconds.

The K2 Black Panther is equipped with an advanced fire-control system (FCS) linked to a millimeter band radar system deployed on the frontal arc of the turret, along with a traditional laser range-finder and crosswind sensor. The system is capable of a “lock-on” mode, which can acquire and track specific targets up to a range of 9.8 km using thermal optics.

The main armament of the K2 Black Panther consists of a German-made Rheinmetall 120-mm/ L55 smoothbore gun produced under license in South Korea. The gun is fitted with an automatic loader which ensures the loading of projectiles on the move even when the vehicle moves on uneven surfaces.

The armor on the Black Panther consists of an unknown type of composite armor and an Active Defense System utilizing Explosive Reactive Armor blocks. It has a crew of three including driver, commander and gunner.

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